KOUROS MARITIME ENTERPRISES INC. can offer all kinds of services related to the ship managing business with emphasis on:

1. “Vessels Operations” such as liaising with vessel and charterers for operational matters, appointing agents and arranging for smooth loading and discharging, arranging for bunkering, giving advice to vessels master for any problems etc. etc.

2. “Technical Management” such as availability of the best personnel in office to supervise the maintenance and efficient running of the vessels taking care of all dry dockings, repairs, surveys etc. at the best possible time and way minimising expenses, laytime and incidentals, compliance with all current regulations and ISM, ISPS and MLC arranging for all purchases of spare parts and stores at the best prices and on time etc. etc.

3. “Crewing” such as employment and supervision of the best possible crew to the benefit of the owner, arranging for crew training, upgrading and efficiency, taking care of crew travel and administration procedures etc. etc.

All above complemented by an integrated accounting department and system, by insuring to the best possible markets and terms by utilising the latest technology methods and links are the main services that KOUROS MARITIME ENTERPRISES INC. can offer to Owners for “peace of mind”.

Points Of Interest

  • We are proud to declare that none of the ships has ever lost a minute of hire due to bad condition or non-readiness of cargo holds.
  • We are proud to certify that in 95 per cent of any Port Sate Control or USCG inspections we have clean papers with no deficiencies at all.
  • We are proud to note that all our seamen, who regularly come back in same positions, are competing with each other to come back to our ships.
  • We are proud to have applied all new rules, regulations and requirements, even those which are still not mandatory, long before their implementation dates.
  • We are proud to have applied since the very first days the latest state of the art ship to office communications and in house technology and management systems, i.e. we are amongst the first in Greece that applied the Pole Star monitoring system of Purple Finder for tracing and alerting vessels position, long before DSAS alert and tracing systems were required by IMO.

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