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Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc. is a Liberian registered Enterprise founded in 1999 by Capt. Konstantinos Arnokouros, with operating office in Glyfada-Athens-Greece. The company operates in Greece under Greek Law 89/67 legally represented. Since then it has expanded and operated various size and age bulk carrier ships offering to its customers punctual and quality services. Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc. has managed from 2000 until now following vessels:

M/V “KOUROS V” - Bulk Carrier – DWT: 25,449 MT – Built/Place: 1983/Imabari, Japan - Purchased July 1998 and Sold December 2003
M/V “NOTA A” - Bulk Carrier – DWT: 37,725 MT – Built/Place: 1984/Sasebo, Japan - Purchased June 1999 and Sold January 2005
M/V “ALEX A” - Bulk Carrier – DWT: 46,640 MT – Built/Place: 1995/Tamano, Japan - Purchased August 2002 and Sold January 2007
M/V “KOUROS V” – Multipurpose – DWT: 17,870.10 MT – Built/Place: 1987/Rostock, Germany - Purchased November 2007 and Sold June 2010
M/V “VANESSA A” - Bulk Carrier – DWT: 27,586 MT – Built/Place: 1986/Japan - Purchased March 2009 and Sold June 2011
M/V “JOANNA A” - Bulk Carrier – DWT: 36,537 MT – Built/Place: 1985/Japan - Purchased May 2009 and Sold September 2012
M/V “TINA A” - Bulk Carrier – DWT: 42,717 MT – Built/Place: 1997/Japan - Purchased September 2012 and Sold February 2014
M/V “ALEX A” - Bulk Carrier – DWT: 50,339 MT – Built/Place: 2002/Japan - Purchased April 2014 and Sold February 2020
M/V “HELEN A” - Bulk Carrier – DWT: 55,180 MT – Built/Place: 2003/Japan - Purchased January 2020 and Sold June 2022



At present Kouros Maritime is managing:

M/V "KOUROS GLORY" - Bulk Carrier - DWT: 55,654 MT - Built/Place: 2011/Japan - Purchased February 2023

M/V “KOUROS PRIDE” - Bulk Carrier – DWT: 34,125 MT – Built/Place: 2011/Korea - Purchased December 2020

M/V "NOTA A" - Bulk Carrier - DWT: 53,098 MT - Built/Place: 2003/Japan - Purchased July 2016

The founder of the company Capt. Konstantinos Arnokouros has a long and successful history in shipping.

The Aim of the founder is to operate family own vessels and to continue the established Ship-Owning and Ship-Management tradition in Greece.

Kouros Maritime personnel and management team has the required qualifications, diplomas and Certificates as well as many years experience. Kouros Maritime background and status along with the skills and experience of managerial and operating team is well known in the shipping industry (Classification Societies, Flag administration, P&I Club, Insurance, etc.) where Kouros Maritime enjoy first class name and credits.


Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc. was awarded with the “Document of Compliance Certificate” by RINA, as a requirement of the International Safety Management Code (ISM). That Certification allows Kouros Maritime to operate ocean going bulk cargoes ships of any size and number. Recently KOUROS MARITIME was awarded with the “Certificate of Quality Management System”.

Each vessel operated by Kouros Maritime, as per International regulations, holds S.M.C. and I.S.S.C. Certificates as well as the new MLC Certificate as per MLC 2006; which allows the vessels to trade all over the world without problems for the Owners.

Commitments – Memberships

Greek Ship owner Union: Our Company is active member in the biggest Ship Owner Union of the shipping world.

Hellenic Short Sea Shipowners Association: Our Company is active member in the new Shipowner Association for the Short sea shipping in maritime transport by vessels which are not required to cross oceans. It includes coastal shipping, transport between the continental country and islands, transport between the Member States of European Union as well as the sea / river transport to and from the river ports of the European inland.

Bimco: Our Company is a member of BIMCO and is participating in the international effort of the shipping community to safeguard regulation and legality of transportation all over the world.

Amver (Automated Mutual-assistance Vessel Rescue system): Our Ships participated in this volunteer effort of U.S.A. Authorities and relevant awards granted by U.S. Department of Transportation to our Director, to the son of Company’s founder and to our vessels.

Points Of Interest

  • We are proud to declare that none of the ships has ever lost a minute of hire due to bad condition or non-readiness of cargo holds.
  • We are proud to certify that in 95 per cent of any Port Sate Control or USCG inspections we have clean papers with no deficiencies at all.
  • We are proud to note that all our seamen, who regularly come back in same positions, are competing with each other to come back to our ships.
  • We are proud to have applied all new rules, regulations and requirements, even those which are still not mandatory, long before their implementation dates.
  • We are proud to have applied since the very first days the latest state of the art ship to office communications and in house technology and management systems, i.e. we are amongst the first in Greece that applied the Pole Star monitoring system of Purple Finder for tracing and alerting vessels position, long before DSAS alert and tracing systems were required by IMO.

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