• Managing Director: Konstantinos Arnokouros

Date of Birth : July 21st, 1949
Place of Birth : Greece
Marital Status : Married

-Graduate of Merchant Marine Academy-Syros 1967-1969 (3rd in line)
-2nd Mate License - 1970 (total ocean goings ships service 36 months)
-Graduate of Athens University of Economics (ASOEE) -1975
-32 Months service in Greek Navy as Officer – (Oct ’73 / Jun ’76)

-Operations in Andreadis Shipping Group-Athens 1976 – 1977

-Operations Manager in Candia Shipping-Piraeus 1978 – 1983

-Founder of World Marine Services-Egypt  1984
(That company continues providing successfully its Ship Agency services to the global shipping industry.)

-Co-Founder and General Director of InterOrient Maritime Enterprises Inc. - Crewing/Ship Management Services   1985
(That company continues providing its services in the World Wide Shipowners and is among the Ten Top in Philippines)

-Co-Founder of World Marine Services-China  1989
(That company with representative office in Shanghai, Guangzhou and liaison offices in five more ports in P.R. China and Hong Kong covers all aspects of ship owners service in the region.)

-Founder and Managing Director of Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc. Law ’89 Ship Operating Enterprise of Ocean-Going Bulk Carriers  1999

-Founder and Managing Director of Kouros Holdings S.A. 1999
(A Greek Anonymous Society active in investment and holding enterprises.)

Additional Information
-Member of Greek Shipowners Union
-Member of A.C.C.I (Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry) - Athens
-Member of Economic Chamber of Commerce, Athens (As ASOEE Graduate)
-Member of the Merchant Association of Piraeus (E.Σ.Π.)
-Member of the Piraeus Marine Club (Ν.Λ.Π.)


  • Financial Director: Alexios Arnokouros

Date of Birth: March 10th, 1977

University of Indianapolis BSc in Business Administration 1998
University of Indianapolis MSc in Business Administration 2000

Professional Experience/Background:
Since 2000 as Financial Director of Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc. and since January 2004 as Director of World Marine Corp. (Ship agents with offices in Greece, Egypt and China).


  • Administration Manager: Alexandros Papailiou

Date of Birth: September 23rd, 1975

University of PANTEIOS in Public Administration 2000

Professional Experience/Background:
Since 1999 with Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc.
From 2003 as Administration Manager for Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc.


  • Designated Person Ashore: Thanasis Paraskevas

Date of Birth: October 03rd, 1978

ERGO SBA Shipping Administration 1999
BSC Liverpool John Moores University in Maritime & Business Management 2001
MBA in IT at University of Leicester 2006

Professional Experience / Background:
Since 2001 as Operations Assistant, IT for Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc.
From August 2008 as DPA for Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc.
From March 2012 as Quality Manager 


  • Operations & Chartering Manager: Capt. Manolis Dimokrassas

Active Master Mariner
Date of Birth: July 29th, 1956

A’ Class Master Mariner Diploma 1994
Diploma in Shipping Administration 1997

Professional Experience/Background:
13 years sea experience on tankers of which 4 years as Master.
4 years as Marine Superintendent, Port Captain and Operator in major Ship Operating Companies.
Since September 2000 as Operation & Chartering Manager and CSO for Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc.


  • Technical Manager: Manos Bourikas

Date of Birth: July 14th, 1980

National Technical University of Athens 2005

Professional Experience/Background:
Since 2007 was working in a technical company which is specialized in ships repairs and ultrasonic measurements
Since 2008 as Technical Manager Assistant for Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc.
From May 2011 as Technical Manager for Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc.


  • Superintendent Engineer: Michael Kalaitzis

Date of Birth: January 1st, 1956

A’ Class Engineer Diploma

Professional Experience/Background:
20 years experience as Engineer on Bulk Carriers and Tankers.
Since 2001 as Superintendent Engineer in Ship Operating Companies.
Since 2010 as Superintendent Engineer for Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc.


  • Purchasing Controller: Marina Foteinou

Date of Birth: January 28th, 1982

Graduate of High School – Jeanne D’Arc 1999
Institute of Tourism Administration 2005

Professional Experience/Background:
From 2005 to 2008 in Marketing and Chartering Department of AlphaNave Group of Companies.
Since 2008 as Purchasing Controller for Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc.


  • Secretary / Operations Assistant: Evdokia Politaki

Date of Birth: December 12th, 1976

HND in Shipping Administration 1996
University of Liverpool John Moores University Bsc in Maritime & Business Management 1998
University of Liverpool MBA in Business Administration 1999

Professional Experience / Background:
Since 2000 in a Ship Management Company as Secretary for General Management.
Since 2001 as Operations Assistant and Office Secretary for Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc.


  • Office Account Controller: Smaro Tsolakidou

Date of Birth: June 13th, 1960

Graduate from Accountant School

Professional Experience/Background:
Since 1981 in Various Companies and Ship Operating Companies as assistant accountant and accountant
Since 2003 as Office Account Controller for Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc.


  • Ships Account Controller: Maria Kapetanaki

Date of Birth: January 23rd, 1983

College of Mesolonggi - Accountant Studies 2006

Professional Experience / Background:
Since 2008 as Ships Accounts Controller for Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc.

Points Of Intrest

  • We are proud to declare that none of the ships has ever lost a minute of hire due to bad condition or non-readiness of cargo holds.
  • We are proud to certify that in 95 per cent of any Port Sate Control or USCG inspections we have clean papers with no deficiencies at all.
  • We are proud to note that all our seamen, who regularly come back in same positions, are competing with each other to come back to our ships.
  • We are proud to have applied all new rules, regulations and requirements, even those which are still not mandatory, long before their implementation dates.
  • We are proud to have applied since the very first days the latest state of the art ship to office communications and in house technology and management systems, i.e. we are amongst the first in Greece that applied the Pole Star monitoring system of Purple Finder for tracing and alerting vessels position, long before DSAS alert and tracing systems were required by IMO.

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